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bookcover Everyone can make sound.Everyone has their own voice.
Everyone can raise their vibration.

Shirlie’s new book of fifty-two sayings in English and Slovene, Glas Tisine/The Voice of Silence
€14. 95 is now on sale at Mladinska Knjiga bookshops in Slovenia  and can be bought online at http://www.emka.si/glas-tisine/PR/127060,416 . Each of the sayings, which came to Shirlie in the silence after chanting, is beautifully illustrated with a photo from Slovene nature.

Latest Music CDs

Angels of Sound

One whole hour of specially-composed vibrational voice and music, featuring Shirlie’s healing tones to relax, meditate with and uplift. Great to use for massage and therapies.


Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your VibrationA brand-new sound and breathing meditation cd with Shirlie’s Lotus Flower SoundMeditation plus Rainbow of Light breathing techniques released!.


Where to Buy CDs?

Shirlie has a range of music cds with her songs on, featuring her positive lyrics and uplifting melodies. At the moment these can only be bought at her concerts or workshops
except Grateful, which you can buy on this website.


Merkaba in Egypt

Merkaba in EgyptThe Merkaba trip to Egypt in May 2009 was a huge success so we have decided to organise another one. Apart from the Merkaba workshop there will be the possibility to spend completely private time with the group in the Great Pyramid Cheops and also to take part in interesting optional trips (...)

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Work in Slovenia

Watch the RTV Slovenia Documentary on Shirlie and her work in Slovenia: Watch the RTV Slovenia Documentary

"Singing Heart - Ambassador of Light/Pojoce Srce - Ambasadorka Luci"

online at http://tvslo.si/#ava2.59728538


Shirlie’s new cd, including the
Cheops pyramid song Ra Maat Ka


'Watch Shirlie's new video of the 'Grateful' song



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A Message from Shirlie

Shirlie Roden is a sound therapist, workshop leader, singer/songwriter, composer/lyricist and musical performer.

She is known for the high, pure, healing tones of her singing voice

"Singing brings us all alive. It connects us, - not only to each other, but to the vibration of the whole universe. Working with sound relaxes us, helping to release stress and tension, to balance the mind and create inner harmony. I was brought up in Wales, so I’ve been singing all my life, but the joy increases with the years, and I believe I am singing myself younger every day! It’s almost as though those high notes tune both me and the listener back into harmony. " Shirlie Roden

For her positive and uplifting music and lyrics

Virtually every songwriter says the songs are not their own: they are given, like a musical thought that just slides into your consciousness. Melodies and lyrics seem to come out of nowhere. My greatest inspiration is nature, and also the pure heart energy that we human beings are all capable of in our higher moments. That’s why I write now, and that’s my vision: to help raise the positive vibration on the planet with music and song. Laughter is very healing too and currently I’m working on musical comedy songs for women. Great fun!

For her concerts

It s such a joy to sing. When I sing, I feel like an empty vessel for spirit to fill. The energy pours in through my crown, beams out of my heart to the audience, and literally lifts me off the stage. People often come to my concerts when they are feeling down and want to be lifted, or sometimes they just want to join in with the celebration of life. And at other times, they simply let go and cry.

For her openness, strength and inspiration as a workshop leader

I believe we carry this ancient knowledge of the power of sound literally within our cellular structure. We just have to remember how to do it. My workshops are based on my own experiences of literally remembering and then sharing this with others. It’s incredible to see the difference at the end of a day of sound together. Everyone looks lighter, brighter, more relaxed and yet bubbling with vitality. To use the voice in this way is so simple. Anyone and everyone can do it.

For her relaxing, revitalising therapy sessions

Compassion and gratitude are two key words for me and both qualities have helped me to develop my ability to be there and hold the energy for people, to create a safe space to enable breakdown when it’s needed and breakthrough when it happens.  We live on an incredible planet of manifestation and are all inherently powerful beings. My ultimate goal is to help people learn to release fear, and to choose love.

My Facebook Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/ShirlieRodenMusic


Sound and Merkaba workshops in Egypt

Merkaba in Egypt

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Shirlie’s Song Lyrics

Simply Slovenia

Lyrics for all the songs on Shirlie’s cds are available here.

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Sound Workshops

Diary Dates

Everyone can make sound. Everyone has their own voice. Everyone can raise their vibration.
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Listen To Songs

Listen To Songs

Now You can listen to samples of Shirlie's songs. Click button below to go to "Songs" page.Listen to songs...

Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration

A brand-new sound and breathing meditation cd released.


Bogdan Kladnik's photos

Bogdan Kladnik's photos

Shirlie's new Slovene book and song cd with Bogdan Kladnik's photos now available online.Buy on-line...



Shirlie’s Slovene Autobiography ‘Pojoce Srce’ (‘Singing Heart’) has now been published only in the Slovene language by Mladinska Knjiga and is now on sale at bookshops around Slovenia. You can also buy it online at: emka.si

Watch Documentary

Watch the RTV Slovenia Documentary on Shirlie and her work in Slovenia:
"Singing Heart - Ambassador of Light/Pojoce Srce - Ambasadorka Luci"

online at http://tvslo.si/#ava2.59728538

Watch the RTV Slovenia Documentary

Diary Dates - News

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Raise Your Vibration


The really good news is that you don’t need any special training or even a fabulous voice to work with sound. Anyone and everyone can do it, and the more of us who choose to raise our vibration above the worry and the fear, the happier both we and this incredible planet we live on will be.  Absolutely know in every cell in your body, that you hold the knowledge to anchor yourself in the power of the present moment by breathing and sounding sound.  It is as simple and profound as that.  Enjoy the journey, have fun on the path, and know that every time you send out your own sacred sounds, you are adding to the positive vibration of Life.



You can raise Your vibration by

  • any kind of singing, in groups or by yourself or with the sounds of nature
  • chanting and sounding tones
  • focussing on breathwork and breathing
  • forgiving the past and letting go
  • expressing gratitude for being on the planet
  • eating healthy, organic and Freedom-farmed food and produce